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Through the medium of silk-screen, also known as serigraphy.  I ve been able to reproduce my designs in volume, usually 100 at a time.  It is like having 100 canvases on which to experiment, using different colors of papers and inks, varying the color blends as I go along.  Thus, no two prints are alike.  As an artist, I ve been able to sell my work inexpensively, to communicate and share with others.  Unlike mass-produced machine prints, each silk-screen print is made step by step, each color a seperate printing.
In 1960, I came to Venice, Ca, with my wife Jean and my two kids Andrea and April in a '55 Chevy station wagon, in quest of a future.  It was the right place at the right time. In 1972, my family and I moved to Summit, Oregon. Thirty-five years later, I am still a self-employed artist.  I want to thank all the friends who have helped me along this path, and to thank Venice and Summit for being an environment that encourages the arts.
Besides doing posters for the Monterey Jazz Festival and the Abbot Kinney Street Fair in Venice, I enjoy making theater posters for the Oregon Shakespeare Theater and Oregon State University.

     Every year I look forward to seeing you all at my booth at the Oregon Country Fair in Veneta, Or.

     I also have an extensive portfolio of nature prints,original sketches, paintings,and  a series of theme posters for the Oregon Coast Aquarium, in Newport, Oregon.

   The Smithsonian s Divison of Musical History in Washington, DC, has recently acquired a complete collection of my numbered/signed edition of Monterey Jazz Festival posters dating back to 1963.  You will find the complete Collector s list of my MJF Posters in the  63 to present section of jazz posters.  You can also find a Collector s guide to my vintage work in the Venice  60- 72 section.
Massachusetts College of Art-BFA 1956 * Harvard University Graduate School-AMT 1957
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